Meet the Artist

Nawaf Soliman is a businessman, designer, calligrapher, and an artist. After a colorful thirty-five years of educational and career commitments in the fields of advertising, communication and design in both the Middle East and worldwide, Nawaf settled in the Washington, DC area with his own business venture, ObjectDC (

He combined his past experience as an art director, creative director and subsequently as advertising and marketing consultant with advertising agencies worldwide.

It gave him the opportunity to hone his craft by managing campaigns for companies which include Lufthansa, Renault-France, DIRECTV, Qatar Airways, British Midland International, Georgetown University, and DishNetwork. Functioning presently as the founder of ObjectDC, has transformed ObjectDC into a pioneer multicultural full-service marketing agency in North America. The agency executed comprehensive campaigns for various fortune Soo companies that reached out to unchartered emerging markets.

In the artistic realm, Nawaf has developed a unique style of calligraphy based on the sophisticated traditional scripts of Arabic and other languages. He has been commissioned by various organizations and collectors to create elaborate calligraphy art projects that demonstrate the beauty and depth of the traditional Arabic calligraphy styles.

Nawaf has developed a revolutionary style such as the”SpongePen” and (LetterCut) which he developed using new tools and ink by mixing the traditional handwriting and the digital composition.

the “Letter Cut” where he divides the Arabic word into separate letters, which gave him the possibility to write from up to bottom or vice versa to compose the word or the sentence since Arabic is written from right to left. The “Letter Cut” can be applied to many traditional Arabic calligraphy scripts such as “Thuluthy”, “Diwany” and”Persian”. On this website, there are video examples showing how the words or names are written in both styles.